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5 No-Brainer Clutter Busters

by Vivi Klinar 02/11/2019

Whether you're just doing a seasonal cleanup or you're clearing out in preparation to move, sorting through your things might seem challenging. There are, however, several things that you really are going to have to think about. Just get rid of them. NOW!



    Unmatched socks.


    Old spices.

Even if you're not prepared to sell just yet, including these clutter busters into your routine will keep things under control so that when you're ready to make a move it'll be hassle-free. When you are ready, ask your real estate or moving professional about other ways to quickly bring order to chaos.

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Vivi Klinar

Raised in a family of builders, I developed a passion for enticing design and an exquisite attention to detail.  

After getting my Masters of Architecture from the University of Florida,I've worked with one of the most respected and environmentally conscious architectural teams in Miami. 

Bringing in a solid architectural background to my work as a Realtor gives me a keen eye when it comes to seeing the potential and true value of each property.

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